Two Sets of 35 Ton Gas fired steam boiler Being Installed

Mode:   Gas Steam Boiler
Capacity:   70 tons
Application:   Heating supply

A few days ago, two sets of 35t/h Medium Temperature and Medium Pressure Double Drums Membrane Wall Gas-Fired Steam Boiler were debugged successfully by ZBG for the centralized heating project of Shanxi province before the expected time of the customer.It is expected that the two devices will be put into operation at the end of this year and the total design heating capacity is 1 million square meters.

The 2*35t/h Gas fired steam boiler have the following advantages: Firstly, they use advanced ultra-low nitrogen combustion technology to achieve low nitrogen emissions,and the exhaust gas temperature below 100 ° C, the concentration of nitrogen oxides in the flue gas is much lower than 80mg, and the content of various pollutants is lower than the special emission limit of atmospheric pollutants currently implemented in China. In addition, the boiler design thermal efficiency is greater than 97% that higher than the level 1 standard of industrial boiler energy efficiency rating.Secondly, they are fully automatic and multiple protection functions.The breakthrough of these key technologies has important guiding significance for the development of new technologies in the boiler industry.

Due to the larger tonnage of this type boiler, the layout of the complex structure, so this equipment is made in bulk.By the way,the 2*14MW pure heat supply and low nitrogen gas hot water boiler of centralized heating project cooperated by ZBG and Dongfang Thermal Power has been operating efficiently for 2 years and the heating area reached 240,000 square meters, and the customers are very satisfied with our products.

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