Two Sets of Gas Hot Water Boiler in Russia

Mode:    WNS gas fired boiler
Capacity:    2.8MW
Application:    greenhouse heating

Greenhouse, whether it is a flower or vegetable and fruit, it has the “temperature” this requirement. General greenhouse heating, plastic greenhouse heating, flower greenhouse heating and other needs, all of which need for boiler equipment.

The Russian customers purchased two sets of 1.4MW natural gas fired hot water heating boiler (WNS series) from our company, which can theoretically satisfy 40 thousand square heating. Because of the impact of greenhouse heating area will be affected by the regional climate, greenhouse building materials, in addition to heat loss caused by the multi span building heating system. Also, The more cold area, the smaller the heating capacity of the same capacity boiler. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the size of the heating boiler capacity according to the specific heating needs.

ZBG WNS series boiler is fast-assembly installation boiler and it mainly consists of boiler proper, interconnecting flue, burner, steam & water system, meters, economizer and condenser (optional).

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