Two Sets of ZG35-3.82-Q Being Installed

Mode:  ZG35-3.82-Q
Capacity:   70 tons
Application:    Heating supply

The customer is ordering our two sets of ZG35-3.82-Q gas fired steam boilers in October for heating supply. The company has a coal-fired boiler, in order to comply with the requirements of environmental protection, they will replace gas fired boilers.

At present, the two devices are being installed. It is expected that the installation will be completed and put into operation in February 2018.

General, the oil and gas fired boiler is fast-assembly installation boiler and whole factory, but the larger tonnage of this type boiler, the layout of the complex structure, so this equipment is made in bulk.

The local weather is relatively cold at present, which will have an impact on the welding quality. Therefore, the constructors can ensure the welding temperature for the welding quality by heating and other ways.

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