Waste Heat Boiler Auxiliary Equipment List

In recent year, more people focus on boiler operating cost as the energy price is rapidly increasing. In many industrial productions, large amounts of waste heat will be produced and it can be reused as fuel in a waste heat recovery boiler to generate steam or power that is needed. Industrial waste heat boilers are the ideal choice to reduce production cost, then what do you know about its auxiliary equipment?

ZG Boiler is the reliable manufacturer of waste heat boilers, our boiler has a wide capacity range of 1 ton -130 ton and a wide application area covering chemical industry, cement plant, glass industry, power plant, steel industry, carbon production and so on. Our engineer gives out the following 35 ton waste heat boiler auxiliary equipment list for example.

waste heat boiler equipment list
1. Forced circulation pump: the forced circulation heat recovery boiler equipped with a circulation pump that has a circulation rate of 8~20 times.
2. Accumulator: in order to adapt to the instability of the waste heat boiler heat sources, the easiest way is to install heat accumulators. Metallurgical plant waste heat boiler usually uses a wet-type variable-pressure accumulator.
3. Explosion-proof facility: due to metallurgical furnaces use more coal gas as fuel, so pay close attention to set safety ignition device at the waste heat boiler entrance. If there is combustibles in the flue gas that may cause secondary combustion, then the waste heat boilers should set a explosion protection door.
4. Dust cleaning facilities: when flue gas dust concentration is high, for example, when a metallurgical furnace with coal or pulverized coal as fuel, or when you use Oxygen Furnace Steel, it will easily lead to wear and tear of smoke machines and pollute the environment, therefore we must set dust removal device in front of the smoke machines.
5. Auxiliary combustion device. Because of some metallurgical furnace production is not continuous, if the system requires continuous and stable steam supply from waste heat boiler, then auxiliary combustion devices in the boiler can be added, which usually use oil or gas as a fuel.
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