Waste Heat Boiler Used In Iron & Steel Industry

Iron & steel metallurgy enterprises are the pillar industry in the country, which play important roles in the modernization drive, but these enterprises are also consuming large proportion of energy in the production. Waste heat boiler can be chosen as the equipment to reuse the high temperature flue gas and waste heat, then generate power that is necessary in the metallurgical plants.
waste heat boiler for iron & steel industry

Waste heat boiler for steel & iron industry

In the process of steel production,the energy consumption of sintering processes accounts for about 10% of total energy consumption, second only to iron-making processes, list in the second place. And energy consumption in the sintering process, nearly 50% of the thermal is emitted into the atmosphere at the sensible heat form of sintering flue gas and a cooler. To solve the waste heat and flue gas in the iron & steel industry, ZG Boiler developed the sinter-cooler waste heat boiler, especially used in the industry to realize energy saving and low production cost.

Vertical sinter-cooler waste heat boiler

The waste heat boiler manufactured by ZG Boiler can recycle and utilize the waste heat in the sintering process, the flue gas temperature is usually below 150℃ and accounts for 23% heat, the flue gas temperature of cooler is about 100~450℃ that accounts for 28% heat.
The vertical water heat boiler developed by our company that using flue gas heat of sinter-cooler of iron and steel industry successfully solves the fouling, wear, leakage problem, at the same time, this type of waste heat boiler is with a certain degree of adaptability for the flue gas temperature,flue gas dust.
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