Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Types

Waste heat recovery is the collection of heat created as an undesired by-product of the operation of a piece of equipment or machinery to fill a desired purpose elsewhere. Waste heat recovery boiler provides energy solutions to utilize waste heat from various processes and applications to improve overall energy balance in oil & gas, minerals, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, cement, glass and other sectors. Different waste heats make different waste heat recovery boiler types.
waste heat recovery boiler
Waste heat recovery boiler types based on waste heat characters
High temperature flue gas waster heat
It is a common form, which is characterized by high yield, intensive yield point, ease for recovery and utilization, which brings away 40 to 50 percent heat of total calories. The waste heat boiler can recovery waste heat and use it to produce heat and electricity for production or civil life.
High temperature furnace slag waste heat
Such as blast furnace slag, converter slag, electric furnace slag, etc. the slag temperature is above 1000 ℃, and it takes away 20% of total heat.
High temperature product waste heat
Such as coke oven coke, steel ingot billets, high temperature forging, etc., its temperature is generally high, and it contains a lot of waste heat can be utilized. In addition, combustible gas, waste liquid heat like blast furnace gas, refinery FCC regenerator flue gas, paper mill black liquor, etc., all can be utilized.
Chemical reaction waste heat
The industries like metallurgy, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, fertilizer, chemical, paint, has produced a large number of chemical reaction waste heat.
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