Waste Heat Steam Boiler Used in Glass Industry

Glass industry consumes huge energy every year. China has a top level of the float glass processing industry in the world,however here is still a big gap between the international level on energy consumption. The float glass kiln waste heat power generation system can further the utilization of the waste heat more than 70%, so the waste heat can be almost fully used.

Waste heat in glass industry reused in boiler

Superheated steam is generated by the high efficient vertical, water-tube, waster heat power station and the temperature of the exhaust gas is lowered down to around 180. Degree C. Then the superheated steam is used to generate clean, easy-to-use and convenient delivery power through turbine generator. By this method, not only the function of the waste heat is enlarged but also the lower temperature steam from lower pressure part of turbine generator can be used to heat heavy oil to meet the heat requirements of the workmanship of the glass industry.

Float glass kiln waste heat boiler manufacturer

ZBG Boiler manufactures waste heat boiler that can be used in glass industry, adopting single drum, width wise layout, vertical, natural circulation, water tube type. The overall layout is “Ⅱ”type, which overcomes the downsides of the traditional vertical, natural circulation waste heat boilers. They have the features of long service life, easy operation and maintain, safety, stable and cost saving.
We have 600 t/d waste heat recovery boiler that can reuse the waste heat from the processing, make full use of the flue gas heat recovery potential. The effective utilization of waste heat in glass production has become an effective way to reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of glass production. The Waste Heat Boiler in glass industry can fully meet the requirements of the float glass furnace production lines.
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