Water Tube 20TPH Coal Gas Fired Boiler

SZS Gas fired water tube boiler
20 tons
Paper plant

Huaxi Paper Co., Ltd. recently purchased one set of gas steam boiler, SZS type watertube steam boiler, burning coal gas, which is produced by their own  captive coal firing power plant . The coal gas water tube boiler not only solves the gas emission problem and brings economic benefits.

Water tube coal gas fired boiler specifications

Model: SZS20-1.25-Q
Capacity: 20 t/h
Steam Pressure: 1.25MPa
Steam temperature: 194℃
Feedwater temperature: 20℃
Design fuel: coal-gas

SZS gas fired water tube steam boiler advantages

There are two types of gas fired steam boilers: WNS series and SZS series. WNS is fire tube boiler and SZS is water tube boiler. SZS water tube steam boiler is D type layout, taking up small floor area and easy to transport and install. Compared to WNS series fire tube gas boiler, the SZS boiler can burn low-heat value fuel, like coal gas, biogas, blast furnace gas. What’s more, water tube boiler is more safer than a fire tube one. The 20 ton coal gas fired steam boiler has high thermal efficiency and low emission.  We provide good quality and competitive price gas steam boilers to our valued clients.

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