What Affects Industrial Autoclave Price

When we are plan to purchase something, the price might be a first thing to consider. So it is with the industrial autoclave. The autoclave is a large pressure vessel used to process parts and materials that require exposure to elevated pressure and temperature, and it often spends much. Therefore, we must know the factors that may affect its price so we can have a clear idea when selecting the product.
industrial autoclave price

Factors on industrial autoclave price

Diameter and length
Since the volume of the kettle is decided by its diameter and length , then the price is sure related with it. The smaller the diameter and length is , the less material it needs, so the cheaper the autoclave is.
Working pressure
The maximum working pressure of autoclave will decide wall thickness autoclaved kettle. The thicker the wall is , the higher the price is. for example , maximum working pressure of 1.5 MPa is more expensive than that of 1.3 MPa.
Degree of automation
Autoclave with manually open the door wastes manpower, and its efficiency is very low, but also the price is cheap; hydraulic opening and pneumatic autoclave are each equipped with a complete set of computer automatic control system, fully automated operation, for the user to save the human cost.
The number of door
Autoclave can be classified through type (open at both ends) and proximal type (open the door at one end), both ends of the door is suitable for the user with enough fields and budget, because of it help save time when products in and out of the kettle, and its efficiency is high.

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