What Are The Water Types in Biomass Power Plant Boiler

The interest to use biomasses as power plant boiler fuels has increased strongly as the fossil fuels prices are increasing drastically as a mean to reduce the CO2 emissions of energy production. Biomass fired CFB boilers are gradually replacing coal fired ones in utilities. But we know water treatment is quite important, so to know the water types in a biomass power plant boiler will be much helpful.
ZG type biomass power plant boiler
biomass fired CFB boiler for power generation
biomass fired power generation boiler water types:
1. Boiler water: the water flowing in a running biomass power plant boiler system is called boiler water.
2. Feed water: the water directly access to biomass power station boilers, used for  heat or evaporate is called boiler feed water. Feed water usually consists of makeup water ( make-up water is a part of feedwater, which has removed a certain amount of production recovery, it is the supplementary feeding part) and production backwater ( after the heat energy of steam or hot water is used, the condensation water or cold water should be recycled, the part of reused water is called production backwater.)
3. Sewage water: In order to remove impurities (excess salt, alkalinity) and water residue suspended in biomass power plant boiler and ensure boiler water quality is compliance with GB1576 boiler water quality standards, it is necessary to discharge a portion of the boiler water away from certain boiler parts, this part of water is called sewage water.
4. Softened water and cooling water: raw water after softening treatment can  make water up to a certain standard of hardness, this water is called softened water; when biomass power plant boiler is operating, the water used for cooling a boiler ancillary equipment is called cooling water.
To know the biomass power plant boiler water types, we can better choose proper water treatment measures. We offer biomass fired CFB boilers and biomass chain grate steam boilers for power generation, rice husk, straw, bagasse, palm oil waste, wood pellet, and some other biomass fuels are available to burn in our biomass power plant boilers. If you need some specific biomass boiler,
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