What Causes Boiler Tube Corrosion During Shutdown Period

Boiler maintenance is very important no matter when it is operating or it is in shutdown period. But some enterprise neglect the shutdown boiler maintenance, resulting the accelerated boiler tube corrosion caused by the chemical corrosion that produced in its working period. Waste heat boiler tube corrosion may be caused by the following aspects:
waste heat recovery boiler
Boiler operator lacks professional skills training
The boiler operators have a lack in basic boiler maintenance knowledge, they do not follow the related boiler operation requirement to choose right maintenance methods, which lead to different aspects and levels waste heat boiler chemical corrosion problems.
Boiler stays too long outside
New installed, repaired, or moved boilers are exposed outdoors for too long, and no appropriate protection measures are taken. Too much rain will cause the boiler corrosion.
Maintenance measure for shutdown boiler
The basic requirement for boiler maintenance is to keep the air from entering into boiler’s flue gas system. The boiler surface should keep dry, we have dry maintenance, pressure maintenance, wet maintenance, gas-filled maintenance, etc. The specific measure is depended on its shutdown period.
A waste heat boiler tube corrosion often cause serious problems, tube corrosion may lead to boiler tube leakage, finally even cause whole boiler explosion. The main reasons that may cause waste heat boiler corrosion leakage are superheater tube corrosion, evaporator tubes corrosion,  economizer pipe corrosion. To avoid waste heat boiler accidents, enterprises should often inspect the boiler and take proper maintenance during boiler shutdown.  
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