What Is Biomass Boiler Combustion System

Biomass as a renewable energy is used to feed boiler, that is, biomass fired boiler. A biomass boiler usually has a high thermal efficiency above 80%, and its combustion system is the main factor that determines, here boiler manufacturer ZG Boiler gives an analysis to help people have a brief understanding about biomass boiler combustion system.
20 ton biomass chain grate boiler

Biomass fired boiler combustion system design

According to ZG Boiler introduction, biomass steam boiler combustion system consists of feeding system, combustion system, soot blowing system, flue gas system and automatic control system.
1. feeding system: biomass boiler feed system consists of hopper, vibrating feeders, screw feeders, screw feeder pipe and other components. In order to ensure stability under continuous materials transport, a vibratory feeder is connected between the hopper and screw feeder.
2. combustion system: combustion system consists of a burner, fan, ignition and other components. At first, biomass fuel in the burner has a pre-heating process, and then the fuel is delivered by the fan to the combustion chamber. BMF fuel contains highly volatile, when the furnace temperature reaches its volatile precipitation temperature, should start the ignition.
3. soot blowing system: biomass boilers are equipped with automatic soot blower, can be timed to purge the furnace and smoke pipe, avoiding pipe surface fouling and achieving safe and efficient operation of the boiler.
4. smoke ventilation system: mainly to supply air and dedust for biomass boilers.
5. automatic control system: mainly to ensure safe and smooth operation of the biomass boiler, such as PLC systems.
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