What Is The Criteria For Choosing Industrial Boiler Material

Industrial boiler as a kind of mechanical device should be capable of withstanding high temperature and high pressure, so the selection of material properties has a certain requirement, no matter what kind of boilers, coal-fired boilers or oil & gas-fired boiler, the selection criteria should be strictly executed. We know the steel material is a primary factor that might both determine boiler quality and guarantee boiler security.
industrial boiler steel material selection
Good toughness. A material ability to resist crack growth is an important indicator to measure the quality of toughness. For industrial boiler is running under high temperature and pressure conditions, if the higher fracture toughness at high temperature high pressure, the better the steel toughness.
Plastic capacity. Steel plastic is usually represented by the cross sectional area contraction and elongation, is the data system to show steel shape and deformation. Plasticity is expressed in degree of deformation caused by faulting.
High strength. Strength refers to the load capacity of the boiler, when there is an  external force, it has a strong ability to resist damage and deformation. This is very essential to ensure boiler safety.
Expect for the above mentioned points, the industrial boiler steel materials also require good welding performance, aging sensitivity and notch sensitivity. Only excellent steel materials will be chosen and used in our boilers. We manufacture steam boiler, hot water boiler, power plant boiler, fire tube boiler, water tube boiler, and we can use the customer-specified steel material in their boilers manufacturing.
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