What May Cause Autoclave Corrosion

Autoclave after a period of time through the steam and vapor-water erosion will occur internal corrosion phenomenon. For industrial autoclave, a key equipment in producing silicate production of building material industry, its corrosion is the toughest problem obsessing the whole industry.

Autoclave corrosion reason and solution

Generally in the autoclave vessel, there are mainly oxidation corrosion and impingement corrosion.
Autoclave Oxidation Corrosion:
Oxidation corrosion can occur in all parts of the autoclave. In China, most of  autoclaves are positioned horizontally, some parts may result in poor condensate drain. To prevent this situation, we should process cleaning and inspection of the often gathered condensate water part and drainage system, to keep a smooth flow in the autoclave in case of oxidation corrosion.
Autoclave impingement corrosion:
Impingement corrosion is directly caused by concentration cell corrosion. If the kettle metal and stationary liquid contact, it will form a concentration cell. This refers that if the product contains residual moisture stays in the autoclave, it will produce this impingement corrosion. We should take quick exhaust to prevent this corrosion. Before putting into operation and after inspection, we should choose a suitable corrosion-resistant material for thoroughly antiseptic, prompting autoclave metal surface passivated state, inhibiting corrosion current.
autoclave for aac plant
autoclave for AAC plant

Autoclave for building material production line

Autoclave is a key equipment in producing aac block, fly ash brick, cement pole, silicate board etc building material. We can provide full AAC plant, including steam boiler, autoclave, and other equipment. Autoclave belongs to first class pressure vessel, regulation inspection is very necessary to observe its defects and accident potential, users must strictly make and carry out regular inspection system to avoid accidents.
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