What To Pay Attention During Autoclave Operation

AAC autoclave is a kind of pressure vessel which is used to steam curing products under high temperature and high pressure, and we should pay attention to its operation, regular maintenance is needed, and emergency measures should be taken if any anomalies occur.
industrial autoclave
The following regular maintenance is needed in the AAC autoclave operation
(1)any mechanical damage of kettle lid and kettle body caused by collision is not allowed,and the chain,steel rope,and other traction objects cannot rub the inner wall of autoclave.
(2)clean the residual water and residue at the bottom of autoclave,wash it thoroughly once a week.
(3)clear the sludge and debris in the drain connector once a month,to ensure that normal drainage.
(4)maintain the cleaning of movable bearing lower part,so the bearing can move freely.
(5) before closing,coat the graphite lubricant on the outer seal ring every time,and check the wear condition,replace timely.
(6) maintain all safety accessories work properly.
aac autoclave
One of the following anomalies of autoclave occurs, the operator is entitled to take immediate emergency measures to stop the intake and discharge of steam and reports to the relevant departments:
(1) the working pressure or temperature in the autoclave exceeds the allowable value,can not drops after each of the measures are taken.
(2) the safe operation can not be ensured because of safety accessories failure,connection tube breakage,fasteners damage,etc.
(3) kettle lid is lax or has errors.
(4) kettle body, kettle cover, drainage channels connector and each flange connection tubes and other major pressure parts,has cracking,bulge,deformation and other defects.
(5) the occurrence of other accidents which is a threat to the safe operation.
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