What Type of Waste Heat Boiler to Choose

Waste heat boiler utilizing the waste heat of industrial furnaces and other heat sources generates steam or hot water. According to its rated steam capacity, rated steam pressure, rated steam temperature, feed water temperature, design fuel, industrial waste heat recovery boiler can be divided into several types.

waste heat boiler for chemical industry

The chemical industry waste heat boiler can apply heat recovery to most processes, including chemical manufacturing, as well as to emissions control devices such as recuperative and regenerative thermal oxidizers. We provide three castoffs mixed burning boiler and blown gas waste heat boiler, sulfuric acid wast heat boiler, sodium dichromade rotary kiln waste heat boiler, etc.
chemical industry waste heat boiler
water tube waste heat boiler for chemical industry

Waste heat boiler in cement plant

The generation of power from waste heat in cement plants was for a long time the subject of controversial discussion. Today people use low temperature cement kiln waste heat boiler for power generation. The utilization of low-temperature waste heat for generating power is by no means limited to the cement industry, as large amounts of waste heat are also utilized, for example, in the steel, paper and chemicals industries.
cement kiln waste heat boiler
waste heat recycling in cement plant to generate power 

Glass kiln waste heat power boiler

Every year, glass industry consumes amounts of energy, and also wastes much energy. The float glass kiln waste heat power generation system can further the utilization of the waste heat more than 70%, so the waste heat can be almost fully used. Superheated steam was generated by the high efficient vertical, water-tube, waste heat power station boiler and the temperature of the exhaust gas was lowered down to around 180.Then the superheated steam was used to generate clean, easy-to-use and convenient delivery power through turbine generator.
float glass waste heat steam boiler
float glass waste heat steam boiler installtion site

Iron and steel industry waste heat boiler

Energy use is a major source of emissions in the iron and steel industry, making energy efficiency improvements an attractive opportunity to reduce both emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases. Global steel industry is seeking better measure. CDQ Waste Heat Boiler, Sinter-Cooler Waste Heat Boiler, Coking Waste Heat Boiler are the boilers that can help realize cost-efficient and low emission in the industry.
waste heat boiler for steel industry
wate heat boiler used in steel and iron industry for power generation
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