What Waste Heat Boiler Is Used In Petroleum Coke Calcined

Petroleum coke calcining is a three step process including drying, devolatization and densification. To obtain the calcined coke properties required by the carbon and graphite industries, the coke must be subjected to temperatures of 1150-1350 Deg C or higher in rotary kiln to achieve density and conductivity. During the high temperature processing, large amounts of waste heat will produce and we recommend the carbon rotary kiln waste heat boiler to recycle the waste heat for generating steam or power needed in the process.
carbon rotary kiln waste heat boiler

carbon waste heat boiler for petroleum coke calcination

Lately, our boiler engineer went to Kazakhstan for a 35 ton carbon rotary kiln waste heat boiler installation. The waste heat boiler is used in petroleum coke calcination to utilizing the high temperature waste heat in flue gas produced after the petroleum coke calcining. This type of waste heat boiler using carbon kiln waste heat for steam or power generation is a novel pattern in carbon industry.

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We manufacture the carbon rotary kiln boiler with vertical arrangement and all the parts are in compact structure. Compared with traditional waste heat boiler, ours takes up less space to save construction cost; good performance and novel structure, the boiler is a new milestone in carbon kiln waste heat boiler development. ZG Boiler as a China leading waste heat boiler manufacturer is committed to offering good quality water tube waste heat boilers to our clients! 
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