Why a New Boiler Should Be Cleaned Before Using

new boiler chemical cleaning
Why should you clean the new boiler before operating? Well the chemical cleaning of boiler is one of the most essential measures to prevent heating surface corrosion and scaling, at the same time, it can improve boiler thermal efficiency and perfect steam-water quality.
For a new boiler it should take the chemical cleaning before its start-up, then the high temperature oxidation rolled leather, oxide silicon scale formation produced in equipment manufacturing and processing, as well as corrosion, slag, sediment, grease coating and other contaminants produced in transportation and installation are removed.
It has been proven that if new boiler does not have chemical cleaning, various impurities and attachment in boiler systems can lead to great hampers.
(1) directly affect tube heat transfer and cause scaling so that the metal tubes will suffer overheating and damage and shorten the life of the boiler.
(2) boiler corrosion and deposits occur in operation, resulting in tube thinning and even tube explosion.
(3) the formation of debris and sediment in the boiler water, causing the furnace tube blockage or disruption normal steam- water flow
(4) water quality is not good, like furnace silicon content, the iron content are not qualified, thus prolonging unit’s start-up time and badly affecting steam turbine’s normal operation.
On the contrary, chemical cleaning of a new boiler not only is conducive to the safe operation of the boiler, but also can improve the quality of the water-steam during boiler start-up phase, so as to quickly reach the normal standard, thus greatly reducing the time from unit starts to normal operation.
When the equipment is put into operation, some solids enter into the boiler, causing some insolubles deposition, if not removed timely, the sediment will accumulate in the furnace, so that on the one hand it affects the thermal efficiency of the boiler, on the other hand it also affects safe operation of the boiler, even serious boiler pipe explosion will occur. If a chemical water treatment is done before the new furnace put into operation, boiler system corrosion can be reduced to a minimum.
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