Why Cement Plant Chooses Waste Heat Boiler

The utilization of low-temperature waste heat for generating power is by no means limited to the cement industry. More than 35% of heat in cement plant is discharged without utilization, which is a big energy waste. Nowadays, more and more cement plants choose to use waste heat boiler for recycling the waste heat to generate power. 
cement plant waste heat boiler
Waste heat recovery system for energy utilization
As all manufacturers face an increasingly competitive global business environment, they are actively seeking out opportunities to reduce production costs without negatively affecting product yield or quality. The waste heat recovery system technologies can just solve the problem and waste heat boilers have become increasingly applied equipment in recent years due to high utilization of the waste heat that produced in the manufacturing process.
Waste heat boiler for power generation in cement plant
As we have mentioned above, a great deal of heat is discharged and wasted in cement plant, but the waste heat from cement kilns can be usually used for drying of raw materials and fuel, the low temperature waste heat (200 – 400 ℃) can be recovery and used for power generation. The cement kiln waste heat boiler can meet almost 25% to 30% electricity in the plant via waste heat power generation.
Supplier of cement kiln waste heat boiler
ZG offers quality and competitive price waste heat boilers for cement plants, besides, we also manufacture various waste heat boilers that can be used in steel industry, paper plant, glass industry, chemical industry, etc. to supply heat and power.
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