Why Choose CFB Power Plant Boiler From ZBG

CFB boiler as a key industrial boiler is widely applied in various fields because of its high combustion efficiency and fuel flexibility. According to the boiler sale statistics, we find our CFB power plant boilers are mainly purchased by enterprises like steel & iron industry, mining industry, paper mill, textile plant, chemical plant, in these industries, they are used for self electricity generation.
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CFB power plant boiler advantages

The CFB boilers for power generation manufactured by our company are stable structure, flexible fuel, high thermal efficiency, long operation time, and the energy saving power plant boiler can save 30% electricity and 5% coal consumption.
Reduce electricity cost:
It takes competitive assets to keep electricity affordable. We enable power companies to compete successfully in the marketplace and provide affordable electricity to consumers. In addition, some enterprises can purchase our product for self power supply, there is no need to purchase electricity from power company, some of them can burn the production waste as fuel, bringing both economic and environment benefits. We help you reduce the cost of electricity.
Lower environmental footprint:
The boiler uses clean combustion technology, clean burning and less emission. We know clean generation is one way of demonstrating environmental responsibility. Another is lowering resource usage, visual impact and noise pollution. In both cases, we can help you meet or exceed regulations and environmental standards.
Increase flexibility and reliability
To face with the growing challenge of energy security in intermittent power generation, we recommend our energy saving CFB power plant boiler: operation and fuel flexibility, lifetime extension and power uplift, designs and services for improved availability and reliability.

CFB power plant boiler supplier

ZBG Boiler is one of the leading suppliers of boilers China, offering a wide range of boiler types including gas oil fired boiler, coal and biomass boiler, waste heat recovery boiler, and circulating fluidized bed boilers. We insist on designing, manufacturing and supplying state of art systems and equipment that work cleanly, safely and cost-effectively.
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