Why Coal Quality Control in CFB Boiler Is So Important

We know the coal quality has affections on power plant efficiency, emissions, and cost. Meanwhile the power plant is facing an increasing need to reduce costs and environmental impacts, coal quality is increasing an issue of interest, as a means to do more with less. More and more people recognize the importance of fuel quality, and the importance of coal quality control in a coal fired CFB boiler.
coal fired CFB power plant boiler
In a circulating fluidized bed CFB power plant boiler, fuel is combusted at lower temperatures in an aerated/fluidized bed of material that typically includes crushed limestone. The lower combustion temperatures and calcium content of the limestone reduce the formation/discharge of SOX and NOX compounds, so emission controls start in the combustion zone. Air quality control systems can further reduce emissions. The relatively long residence time for fuel within the combustion zone makes this combustion technology useful for lower quality fuels – fuels that are difficult to ignite, take longer to fully combust, and contain large quantities of impurities that are problematic for suspension firing in a PC boiler.
Other combustion technologies, like coal gasification and pressurized fluidized bed boilers are being developed/demonstrated. The co-firing of coal with biomass and other solid fuels is also practical. Each technology has its own, unique requirements.
coal quality in a cfb boiler
So while coal quality control is an issue of importance, its means and methodology cannot be separated from its utilization. Combustion technology and fuel quality are coalescent issues. If you need coal fired CFB boiler, biomass fired CFB boiler, just feel free to contact us 
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