Why Gas Fired Vacuum Hot Water Boiler Is So Popular

Gas fired vacuum hot water boiler is becoming popular in recent years. More and more companies consult the vacuum boiler and in this article we will analysis why the gas fired vacuum hot water boiler is so popular in the boiler market.
gas fired vacuum hot water boiler

Gas fired vacuum boiler performance

Reliable & Safe. It is said that a vacuum hot water boiler will never explode like other boiler product, for its medium circulation system pressure is below the atmospheric pressure, the whole unit is operated under a vacuum state and the explosion will never occur.
Easy to operate. The vacuum boiler manufactured by ZG Boiler adopts automatic settings, the control system uses advanced controller, automatically inspect boiler water temperature, outlet water temperature, what’s more the device can automatically inspect the burner and troubles inside the boiler. Through procedure setting, people can control the burning time, correctly adjust the fuel combustion according to the change of boiler load.
Long service life. It does not produce scales inside boiler, and this largely prolongs its service life as 1.5 or 2 times that of common hot water boiler. As for the heat exchanger, we use stainless steel pipe with a strong anti-corrosion ability, its service life can be as long as 20 years.
High standard configuration. All the boiler combustion system and control system components adopt imported and quality ones, like the burner we use Germany WEISHAUPT, Italy BALTUR, RIELLO. The whole vacuum boiler operates well with high thermal efficiency but low maintenance cost.

Vacuum hot water boiler manufacturer

ZG offers gas oil vacuum boiler that is multiple usage, for it can configure multiple heat exchanger, supplying different temperature and different application hot water boiler, such as central air conditioning, sanitary hot water, processing hot water, etc. 
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