Why You Should Inspect and Maintain Autoclave Door

Autoclave is a kind of special equipment and it has the risk of explosion, so safety is an important issue. Just like the door on your home, your autoclave’s door protects you from the elements. In this article, I will list three reasons why you should consider taking some time to inspect and maintain your autoclave door.
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First of all, safety, as I have mentioned in the article beginning, autoclave door can protect people from dangers. Have you ever considered what could happen if the door failed when the autoclave is in operation? Maybe someone has ever heard some reports that people died from autoclave explosion. So just take some time to inspect and maintain your autoclave’s door for the sake of your safety!
Then comes the cost, maybe some people have no ideal how much an autoclave door will cost. The cost of an autoclave door is nearly 40% of the cost of a new autoclave, think it, if you timely inspect and maintain the door, you really save much and do not have to spend the additional cost of cutting the existing door off so you can install the new one to expand your production and earn you large money.
Finally lets think about the Return On Investment, a improperly maintained door can decrease your ROI through premature failure of door components and/or increased treating or cure cycle times. It is believed that you might loose 5 charges of production per year due to a leaking autoclave door. How would that affect your bottom line? Ignore it, and over the typical 30 year lifespan of the autoclave you could lose 150 total charges of production!
Take some time to inspect and maintain your autoclave door can ensure safety, reduce cost and improve your ROI, so why not? We are professional autoclave manufacture, if you need autoclave in your production, we can provide help! Contact us
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