WNS Series Boiler Is Used in Chemical Industry

Mode:     WNS6-1.25-Y.Q
Capacity:      6 tons
Application:      Chemical industry

Chemical industry is one of the main application areas for ZBG boiler, the sales can account for a considerable proportion of the total number of ZBG cases in this industry. Whether it is a simple steam supply for production, heating for chemical plant workshop office, or chemical companies own power station for steam power supply, more than two cases of our company are involved.

WNS series boiler is one of the main boilers of various types of small-scale steam for production. Compared with SZS series boiler, WNS gas fired boilers have an advantage on capacity for small-capacity products because it is supplied from 1 ton. And compared to SZS series boiler, it has lower input costs, combustion efficiency, and environmental limits are very standard.

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