ZBG Held Labor Emulation Mobilization Meeting

In the morning of May 28th, Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. held a Labor Emulation Mobilization Meeting, and ZBG leaders and excellent front-line production employees’ representatives attended this meeting, which marks a labor contest that mobilizes and shows the workers’ create passion will be in full swing.

President Mr. Cui addressed in this meeting

“The production system reform is to meet company’s latest development needs, to better serve our customers and markets.” Mr. Cui, the group president, addressed in this meeting, “I hope that all of our front-line production workers carry forward the spirit of craftsman, to produce higher quality product, to build our own brand, a world-known brand! ” He also expected, “Everyone should exert to their wisdom, to create value for the company, meanwhile, they can enjoy the dividend that brought by company’s development. Every employee grows together with our company, and strives for our century dream!”

leader of Production Department introduced the labor contest program and target

Then the leader of Production Department made a further explanation of the labor contest program. He said, “All of the employees are expected to grasp the chance, work harder and highlight their skills in their own positions, promote the advantages of teamwork in the daily production. ”

Director of Production Department gave the awards for excellent employees

In the commendation part, group company awarded the rack-mounting group with cash, for their hard-working and courage to take responsibility in the Tibet 25T chain grate boilers project. To meet the deadline, they worked hard to improve their production efficiency so as to complete the project on time.

employees’ representive gave a speech

This meeting had pointed out the direction for front-line production staffs, encouraged them to keep up high morale, and laid a solid foundation for company’s great-leap-forward development. The century dream of ZBG encourages all of ZBG people to keep up striving!

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